Friday, 9 December 2011

I have already hit the Christmas slump, Bah Humbug

I love Christmas. Well, I love the idea of it, the reality generally is a bit crap.

In my head I have this Kirstie Allsop version of things, beautiful homemade presents, lots of jolly gatherings where people have so much fun! A huge family Christmas meal, lots of sparkle (tastefully done of course) and no tat.

The reality is DH has to work odd hours over most of the festive period, meaning that the one big family gathering is usually missed. It means crappy work Christmas party, where you struggle to find things to say to people you hardly know, too much money spent on crap no one needs or actually wants, trying to get round to see everyone before Christmas day, and invariably upsetting someone.

Every year I try to be more organised, tell myself that this year it will be different, I will have a sparkling, wonderful time, we will be inundated with invitations to jolly gatherings that we will actually go too, I will have made so many of the Christmas gifts and decorations and everyone will be amazed and delighted.

Not this year. This year I have had enough. I have tried to get DD involved with the build up to Christmas by doing crafts, explaining what Christmas is about etc, and she is excited but I don't think she really gets what all the fuss is about - sensible really.

Add to this the guilt. We get our children one main present each from us, a small present each from each other and a stocking. They don't get loads from other people but I think they get plenty. But then you go onto Facebook/talk to friends and you realise that their child has got about £150 worth of 'main' presents as well as their stockings (which are stuffed with more expensive presents) Each to their own, but then you start wondering if  you are denying your darling children. Which is madness.

Anyway, right now I have had enough of Christmas, I would quite like it to all be over. Some snow (ok, a lot of snow suitably deep for sledging) would be nice though ....

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