Sunday, 21 April 2013

Another Outing!

Bit of a disheartening week really. I seem to have worked really hard to get time to exercise the horses and it hasn't felt worth it.

The mare was stiff and reluctant on Tuesday when I was trying to school her, making me think that she was still sore from her slip months ago. On wednesday however, she was a bit of a tramp and proved that nothing was hurting as she bolted off around the school with a squeal and a buck (while on the lunge, thankfully!) Starting to feel nervous about jumping on Sunday......

No exercising of the horses on Wednesday and Thursday, as I was working (yes, actually working! My first job since before the kids - eeek!) The boy and I did some baking instead. He likes baking.

Friday was a bit of a disaster. We had an architect over to look at our house with a view to convert our loft into a bedroom and en suite but it wasn't as straightforward as we had hoped. The day just kind of went downhill from there. I got to the horses about 7pm that night in a foul mood. Wandering around the field poo picking in a bit of evening sunshine was just what I needed!

Saturday was a great day, the mare felt back to herself and I had a lovely ride. I bathed her, cleaned my tack and packed up everything for showjumping in the morning. The kids spent all afternoon playing out on the yard and in the giant sandpit, also known as the arena. The evening was spent eating pizza and nachos, and watching You've Been Framed with the kids.

Rather a leisurely start to Sunday morning considering we were going out competing. The mare was much more relaxed and there were no bucks! Rather a beautiful medium trot around the warm up arena that I struggled to hold, but still, that's progress! We entered the 2'3" class this time. We had a couple of little blips, mainly me nearly being jumped out of the saddle, but the behaviour was much improved and the actual jumping was better, more showjumping than hurdling!

Next trip planned is in two weeks. I'm really enjoying being able to get out and about so much.

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