Monday, 15 April 2013

The end is in sight!

Last week of the Easter holidays. From a parent/children point of view it has been a better week. It has been warmer, we have been places, seen people and done fun stuff. I have happy, hungry (in a good, eating all their dinner, way) sleepy children, and I am feeling a bit smug. I am pretty good at this parenting lark*

*this week. I feel you should take credit where you can!

The horses haven't done as much this week, possibly because I haven't felt the same need to escape as last week. But I did get in a good long hack on Tuesday, which was fun and perked the mare up no end.

Both horses got a good brush and a decent lunge at the weekend. Both went straight out into the field and had a really good roll. Of course.

Back to school next week!

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