Monday, 22 April 2013

Gridwork (or something along those lines)

I probably shouldn't write a blog post this evening as I am in a bit of a grump.

I have just got back from attempting to do dome gridwork with the horses and it was a bit crap.

As I was on my own, I couldn't ride the grid without having to get off and on again about twenty times, so I made a jumping lane and loose schooled the horses over it.

The gelding was a bit confused, but it doesn't take a lot to confuse him, he did manage the trotting poles quite nicely followed by a mini cross pole, so not too bad an effort.

The mare is frustrating. She is a bit of a know it all, and if she doesn't like the idea, she will do it her own way. This makes loose schooling gridwork a complete waste of time. She has no respect for poles on the ground.

They are looking better though, I have upped the amount of oil and Purabeet they are having, just until the grass finally makes an appearance.

The kids are looking pretty healthy at the minute too, a bit of sunshine, lots of exercise and a fair amount of carbs, is apparently the right combination.

Just me and the husband who are looking weary and worn out then...

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