Tuesday, 23 April 2013

Sleeping children?

As I write this I am sat outside the yard waiting for the boy to fall asleep. He is desperate for a nap, but has reached that age where he will fight it with everything he's got. I actually don't mind having him on the yard with me, especially when the weather is nice, but when he is tired he falls over a lot (more than usual) and it becomes rather stressful.

I generally don't ride when I have the kids with me unless my husband is here. There are lots of people who have their kids sat in buggies in/just outside the arena, but for me it just doesn't work. Not least because I have as much hope of the boy staying in a buggy as I do getting my husband to do dressage - none.

I just can't concentrate on myself and my horse if I know I am the one in charge of the kids. Even if they are happy in the car playing their computer games I struggle to concentrate fully.
Asleep or not with me is the only time I can ride.

I have now spent 15mins sat outside the yard gate in the car, and the boy has finally dropped off. Right, I have approximately 30mins, time to get going!

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