Tuesday, 3 January 2012

Back to Reality...

My DH has had quite a few days off over the Christmas period. It has been wonderful. There has been no dashing about trying to do this, that and the other. We have pottered about doing little jobs, lots of cooking and playing with the children and their new toys. The afternoons have been spent up at the yard. We have even managed a couple of hacks out together. With both of us here, we are able to manage DS's violent tantrums so much better, we are able to take turns having a lie in and catching up on some sleep, all round it has been blissful!

Today DH went back to work. So far, not too bad. DS has had one major tantrum involving screaming and bashing his head, DD was complaining about pretty much everything, but all in all, it could have been worse. We went into town to the market to stock up on fruit and veg (healthy eating resolution) and to the cheap shop that stocks every type of plastic box imaginable to buy yet more toy storage (the Barbies need a new home)

We are now back home, the children are eating grapes and watching Cbeebies. I am hiding in the dining room with a coffee, in the process of making bread (yes, I am that good)

Next stage will be lunch, which I should be able to manage, then on to the horses and the very high possibility that my good intentions will evaporate, due to the howling gale and horizontal rain out there. I really do want to ride, but I know that today there will be less actual riding and more hanging on by my fingernails for dear life. Perhaps a quick lunge will be a good compromise?

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