Wednesday, 18 January 2012

I am in Love

Totally and utterly smitten. A new man (no chance, I am happy with DH) a new baby (hahahaha) a new pet perhaps?

No, my new love is a dirty, great, diesel chugging, enviromentally unfriendly (sorry) Land Rover Discovery. I feel so powerful in it, so safe, so manly!

This is no Chelsea Tractor, oh no, this is a proper car, for doing proper things with, such as lugging children, 3 wheeled buggies, horse food and bales of hay all at the same time. But the main reason is actually to pull a horse trailer - don't worry, there will be another post on those very soon.

There are some little problems with my big new car. Firstly, I can't reach to scrape the whole windscreen (I am vertically challenged) secondly, it is impossible to get into wearing a pencil skirt. But these are minor considerations I feel. Did I mention it also has seven seats?

1 comment:

  1. What is not to love about a Land Rover - apart from the pencil skirt and windscreen thing and oh the slightly chilly thing and yes the environmental thing. But hey what is not to love about a Land Rover.