Tuesday, 31 January 2012

Christie has a Trailer, Hip, Hip, Hooray

Christie has a trailer and is coming out to play! (hopefully)

Eeeeek!!!!!!! It is so damn exciting to finally have some horse transport. We will, as of the weekend be the proud owners of a (used) Ifor Williams horse trailer.

It has not been easy. My mare has issues with travelling in a trailer. She is fine to load, doesn't even get worked up, but if she feels she can't get comfortable she will just sit down, or in the case of my friend's trailer, bend the partition so it is a better fit the old trollop

So as a horsebox is out of the question financially, I have been researching different trailers, I have been dreaming about trailers and quite frankly my non-horsey friends are bored stiff of me talking about trailers (and even, on one occasion showing my friend some pictures - poor woman!)

We thought we might like an Equi-Trek trailer, but were sure it might be tricky to find a decent one in our price range, plus there were rumours about problems to insure due to their desirability.

I was very taken with the Fautras Oblique 2 trailer, but again, out of our price range.

I then looked at every single make and model of trailer to see how wide they were, what sort of partitions they had if they came in a rear facing option.

We decided to go to a local trailer dealer and have a look at what he had. We have come home with (well, technically, will pick it up at the weekend) an Ifor Williams 505 in blue (sooooo pretty) with the view that actually, if the mare doesn't get on with it, at least they are easy to sell!

The only question now is where to first?!


  1. Hey Just to say thanks for following my blog and you have a super blog here too! Why not come and post it over at hay-net.co.uk as lacking mums that ride! :D

  2. Thank you. Will pop over and have a look :0)

  3. Just found your blog on Haynet and like you I have been longing (begging, blackmailing, anything!) for a trailer. Congratulations on getting your wish and look forward to reading about all the great things you can get involved in now you have transport. Envious, moi? Definitely ;-)