Friday, 6 January 2012

A Short Horse Update

The exciting news is that we are still planning on buying a towing vehicle and trailer before the spring and DH and I are on the lookout for some pleasure rides (sounds so rude doesn't it?) to go on. I am also hoping to join the local Riding Club and actually get some competing done this year.

In view of this, my enthusiasm has multiplied by about a thousand and I even rode my little mare in the (outdoor) school in the gales yesterday, which was interesting.

With our new strict routine, I manged 2 1/2 hours at the yard yesterday which was plenty of time to get all the usual jobs done, have a short ride and (this is the exciting bit!) clean some tack! (ok, one bridle, but it is a start!) Long may this last.

When I am a bit more organised I plan to get some pictures of the beasts onto here, you never know they may even be wearing clean tack.


  1. One bridle down, how many to go?

    I miss riding, will have to kick my arse and spend my money on a lesson or ten this year, haven't ridden in ages


  2. Well, I have two full bridles that get worn for riding, one lunging bridle, an assortment of leather bits and pieces that I really need to sort, two full saddles and a racing riding out saddle I ought to clean up and try to sell as it is no longer needed. So erm, yeah, a fair bit to do!